Exterior Detail


  • (small SUV/Trucks add $10.00 and large SUV/Trucks add $20.00)

  • Hand wash

  • Compressor air dry exterior

  • Steam clean and dress tires and whitewalls

  • Steam clean and dress tires and wheel wells

  • Steam clean and dress door jambs

  • Bug and tar removal

  • Steam clean exterior glass and mirrors

  • Polish chrome

  • Express wax and buff*.

*Express wax is a premium liquid hand wax that removes residual deposits of tar, grease, oil and road grime while waxing. It contains both UV blockers and Rust-Oleum additives to protect vehicle surface. The Express wax has been specially designed for use on today's clear-coat, acrylic, and enamel finishes.

Additional Services & Upgrades

Disclaimer: All items of value that may be damaged should be removed before service begins. Remove any items that may interfere in completing the service.