Interior Detail


(small SUV/Trucks add $10.00 and large SUV/Trucks add $20.00)

A $20 Fee may be added for pet hair removal or excessive stains/dirt.

Custom Steam Clean Process

  • Blow out/Vacuum interior and trunk

  • Steam clean headliner and visor

  • Steam clean door jambs

  • Steam clean and dress dash and console

  • Vapor steam clean all visible stains

  • Steam, shampoo and clean all floor mats and seatbelts

  • Steam and shampoo all carpet and fabric upholstery

  • Steam clean and condition all plastic, vinyl and leather

  • Steam clean and dress all rubber moldings

  • Steam clean interior glass

Disclaimer: All items of value that may be damaged should be removed before service begins. Remove any items that may interfere in completing the service.